Tanka Talk

Tanka Talk

Students create a classroom dialectic in verse by writing tankas (5 lines of 5,7,5, 7, and 7 syllables respectively) about a variety of topics (shopping, sorrow, hair, victory, cars, friendship, peer pressure, anger, math, a historical figure, a scientific fact, etc)

Depression is not
a sour look on my face.
Looks are a symptom
that my heart is deflated,
trust and hope have gone missing.

Depression is not
my voice becoming silent.
My silence is a symptom
of the look on your face,
Trust? Hope? Missing all along.

Fun is a giggle,
pink lipstick, blue nail polish,
whispering girlfriends,
a good cry at a movie
then laughing all the way home.

Fun is a joy ride,
a spitting competition
telling raunchy jokes
laughing till our stomachs ache
knowing that we all belong.

Underwear in brief:
Mostly equipped with front flaps;
Underoos; jock straps;
Low-rise; boxer; bikini;
Jumbo or teeny-weeny.