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Here are a few poems for your enjoyment. Feel free to make copies but remember to always include the author name and acknowledgment information.

Hello PO-FOLKS! I know it’s been a while since I changed the poems on this page. I’ve been crazy busy with travel and writing. Thanks for your patience. I’ll be attempting to change the poems here about once every two weeks. I get a LOT of poems sent my way from both kids and adults. My aim is not to offer you examples of the very BEST poems, but rather to just offer them to you as they were offered to me. When possible I’ll make comments on them, not to evaluate them, but rather just to use them as conversation starters.

The poems I’ve collected here are mostly from students 6th grade through 12th. I recently conducted author visits to Boiling Springs High School (Boiling Springs, SC), Myrtle Grove Middle School (Wilmington, NC), and Carroll Middle School (Raleigh, NC). I can’t tell you how much fun these visits were. Not only were the teachers and kids “crazy beautiful;” they also wrote some smashing poems. I’ve included a few of their poems below with comments when I felt moved to speak. There are two or three other poems I’ll be adding in later.
Boiling Springs High School
Boiling Springs, SC

(In this poem, writer Heidi Nisbett shows us how, even after we move away from a special place, we can carry that place inside us forever.)

I am from snowy planes
interrupted by snowy forts
and white woods with lanes
ending in other worlds

I belong to mosquito bites
and pop, not coke
and hide-n-seek at night
and bonfire smoke

I recall scabby knees
and aloe on sunburned shoulders
and falling from climbing trees
and landing on brown, spiky burrs

I was raised in the middle of nowhere
but nowhere belonged to me
singing songs of goons and hares
and weekend tea-parties

I remember my best friend
and the dares she made me do
and crying at the end
when it was time for me to move

Now I live where summers are too hot
but I'm fine with fall and spring
I suppose my home is not
what it used to be

But forever will I be
from 8776 Hillside court
where I lost who came to me
In the ever cold upstate New York
all the sights I never thought to see


(It was a few words, chosen at random from a Magnetic Poetry Kit, that provided the springboard for Caroline Byrd’s poem, “a void rose.” )

A Void Rose

His empty words echo through my head
A void rose
Beauty sans meaning
My eyelids
Soft as petals
As I rub them in exhaustion
Tired of being lied to
Ready for something real
A tangible love
In a world full of ghosts
My blood runs frantically through my veins
In a maddening race to repeat the cycle that has been going on since before my birth
I look him squarely in the eye
Hoping for one glimpse of a human soul behind those baby blues
His eyes are not cold
Nor are they warm
They have the feel of the awful and uncomfortable lukewarmth of a seat that was only recently occupied.
I don't want this.
But I can't get out.
I've lost the string that I tied to the cave opening
There is no way out.

(Here’s a good one from Brittany Worrock. Enjoy.)


Walking down memory lane,
I see things I've seen before,
Revisiting the good, bad, and forgotten,
I add newer thoughts to them-
The ones that are special to me,
And the ones that have no meaning.

While gliding through total darkness,
I see flickers of light,
Possibly the memories I cannot yet recall,
But as I stare into nothingness
(Blackness that is never-ending)
I grasp it and pull it closer.

As it reaches me, I begin to lose,
The feelings that came with the memory,
And when it finally gives way,
I see my dark bedroom,
And my outstretched hand.

My recollections were only dreams,
Yet I still remember the joy, sadness, and others,
That were part of them,
And as I head for the shower,
I am thoroughly raised,
For the rest of the day.

Myrtle Grove Middle School
Wilmington, NC

(Poet Ron Hone, aka Rah, has written what he calls a “Sparkle Poem” titled, “Battle Field.” Notice how he lets the details and images speak for themselves. This poem, like its subject matter, cannot be summed up in a tidy thesis statement.)

Red Black
Screaming Fighting Dying
Slowly Dying Fields Red
From their bodies, Seeping into earth, Blood drains out.
Crimson Ground

(And here’s a fun one by poet, Ryan Williams.)

Oh wow!

I can't believe it
It's really amazing
I feel like I've been hit
You just wait and see what my mom says when she finds out that

My mom is going to scream
My dad is going to ground me
My little brother will laugh at me
and I won't get any ice cream

My grandparents will be mad
My teachers really sad
I'm in real deep trouble now
Oh wow!

By: Ryan Williams

Carroll Middle School
Raleigh, NC

(I love this next poem by Veronica Martinez because it is says a lot about not knowing what to say! Veronica allows the poem to simply “be.” She doesn’t hit us over the head with some sort of deep lesson. She just allows the reader to feel what she felt. Veronica says about this poem: “[The guy who is the subject of this poem] was totally like my best friend, or my brother or BOTH. It totally happened, and hopefully that boy's reading it right now and showing the biggest smile cause he knows it's him.”)

The Day
The day which that boy moved away
I sighed and I cried
And I didn't know what to say;
He put my cheek in his hand
And he looked in my eyes and told me
"You'll find your heart nor mind will land
So long as you think and don't miss out on fun,
cause friends forever are we."
The day which that boy moved away
I sighed and I cried
And I didn't know what to say.
He was my best friend
I'd see him every day
We'd laugh and talk to no end
That boy rocked my world
Walking home in the streets, I smiled, I twirled
That boy was the best
To have met him I must've been blessed...
The day which that boy moved away,
I sighed and I cried
And I didn't know what to say.

(Krissy Hales says of this next poem: “The assignment was to write an overall metaphor, comparing ourselves to inanimate objects, saying what we were, and why.” )

I am the music which brings us together
release our emotions
connect, affect
bringing together for a common love
expressing our thoughts and great desires
I am the music which lingers forever

I am the bird that soars through the sky
singing of joy
flying, trying
to not be shot down by selfish hands
or be shoved in a cage for entertainment of others
I am the bird with dignity and pride

I am a star shining in the night
symbol of hope
gleaming, bringing
hope to the ones who've lost all hope
to lighten them so the will pursue on
I am the star that forever shines bright

I am the person who stands very proud
following my dreams
hoping, dreaming
to leave my footprints in the hearts of other
to inspire and leave the audience in awe
I am the person who will lead the crowd








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