The Day the Universe Exploded My Head

The Day the Universe Exploded My Head: Poems to Take You into Space and Back Again
Candlewick Press
Illustrated by Anna Raff

Hang on tight for a raucous bounce through the solar system and back — propelled by funny, fanciful, factually sound poems and exuberant illustrations.

The universe poured into me.
My brain was overloaded.
It smoked and glowed red-hot.
And then
it actually exploded.

Ever wonder what the sun has to say about being the closest star to Earth? Or what Pluto has gotten up to since being demoted to a dwarf planet? Or where rocket ships go when they retire? Listen closely, because maybe, just maybe, your head will explode, too. With poetry that is equal parts accurate and entertaining — and illustrations that are positively out of this world — this book will enthrall amateur stargazers and budding astrophysicists as it reveals many of the wonders our universe holds. Space travelers in search of more information will find notes about the poems, a glossary, and a list of resources at the end.


“Poems about stars, planets, moons, and other astronomical wonders, accompanied by stylish anthropomorphic illustrations…A giddy ride through our stellar neighborhood and beyond.”
Kirkus Reviews (starred review)  

“A collection of clever, whimsical poems in a variety of styles and meters. Author Wolf effectively packs facts into every line using witty rhyme schemes and amusing scenarios … and all beg to be read out loud.  Visually compelling, this will capture and hold the attention of young stargazers.” 
Booklist (starred review)