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“I’ve been exploring this idea where I take one particular event in history that happened with multiple witnesses, and then I tell that one story through the multiple perspectives of different characters. And the idea is that each individual point of view is like a dot on a Pointillist painting, where the dot is a very specific thing. It’s got its own reality, its own placement, and it’s not until you stand back and see that dot’s context that you see the whole picture.”

The YA novel about the Donner Party you never knew you wanted by Jim Ruland
This article was part of the 2021 L.A. Times Festival of Books Preview series, highlighting the finalists for the 2020 Times Book Prizes

“Noted author and poet, Allan Wolf whizzed through West Baton Rouge last week enthralling students at six area schools with performances of poetry from his new book, The Day the Universe Exploded My Head…”

February 2019 article about the new space poems presentation West Side Journal, Baton Rouge, LA

“Allan’s thoughts on the power of words gave me goosebumps, because his message is about how much lexicon can transform one’s emotions and one’s state of mind – WOW! “

Vocab Gal Interviews Allan Wolf at National Council of Teachers of English Convention

Allan Wolf talks to Scripps Spelling Bee book club about purple trombones, the Titanic, and other fun things.

Allan Wolf talks about the 100th anniversary of the Titanic and why he wrote The Watch That Ends the Night” on ABC News Channel 13 

Allan Wolf recites  Journeys of Imagination, at Project Humanities from Arizona State University

“The way I see it, there are two kinds of people in the world: PO-folk and No-POs.”
“The Dactyl Poem” by Allan Wolf
A great showcase of Allan Wolf on the blog No Water River: The Children’s Poetry Place by Renee LaTulippe

” My bedroom walls were both notebook and journal in one, a place where I could find my voice through writing and keep track of all the major events in my life.”
Sharing Our Notebooks
the blog by Amy Ludwig Vanderwater, features the story of how as a kid Allan kept a journal ON HIS BEDROOM WALLS! And how he continues to journal and record life in a Butt Book.