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Writing, Performing, Experiencing Poetry

From the Page to the Stage, From the Inside Out: A Curriculum Guide to Writing, Performing, and Experiencing Poetry. This is my general curriculum guide with highlights from my books Immersed in Verse, It’s Show Time!, and Something is Going to Happen.

The Blood Hungry Spleen and Other Poems About Our Parts

Author’s notes, classroom activities, discussion starters, student writing samples, “secrets of the spleen.”

New Found Land: Lewis and Clark’s Voyage of Discover

Author’s notes, expedition miscellany, discussion starters, writing activities, What I Learned from Lewis and Clark, “secrets of New Found Land,” books for further reading, internet resources.

Poetry Jokes

Seems like every occupation has its own special jokes, lawyers, doctors, banjo players. Well the Po-Biz is no exception. Here are a few poetry jokes guaranteed to make you a sensation at the next open mic. Some are original. Some are stolen. A couple are even funny.

Active Voice Workshop Handout

This is the general handout to accompany most of the workshops I do. It contains info on poem performance, writing, and classroom matters. I’m changing this and updating it all the time, so be sure you have the most recent version. Keep in mind that some of this information will make little sense outside the workshop context. Remember, if you are interested in using any of these materials to conduct workshops of your own, ask permission first and please credit the source.

There Once Was a Poem that Knew Facts: The Unlikely Love Affair Between Poetry and Nonfiction

One part poetry across-the-curriculum, one part text-to-text connection, and three parts fun, this wildly entertaining session explores what happens when Nonfiction and Poetry meet by chance and fall madly in love. I developed this presentation for Get Real, Janet Allen’s Nonfiction Teaching Institute.You can download the handout here.