Behold Our Magical Garden

Behold Our Magical Garden
(Candlewick Press, March, 2022)

Witty and inspiring, Allan Wolf’s upbeat poems are poised to cultivate a new crop of gardeners, aided by Daniel Duncan’s bountiful illustrations.
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There’s a lot more to gardens than meets the eye. This collection, filled with riveting, factual poems, invites young nature enthusiasts and budding gardeners to help solve the mystery by the compost bin, join a Wild West-style standoff between some good bugs and a few bad ones, interview the sun and find out what happens when it drinks a glass of water, and learn the fancy names of plants to spice up dinner conversation. So grab those gardening tools and be prepared to gather some veggies, encounter different animals, and find a whole lot of magic.
Allan Wolf and Daniel Duncan have teamed up to create a playful, charming celebration of the many wonders to be discovered in a school garden.
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