Joy & Laughter at Potsdam Public Library

“Author, poet, musician, and all around renaissance man, Allan Wolf, found his way into PPL’s Main Reading Room last month thanks to the good folks organizing the 2023 LoKo Arts Festival at SUNY Potsdam . . . And when he got here, well, it was entertainment for all ages! Spitting poetry at break-neck speed, juggling in time with rhyme, creating joy and laughter and an audience eating out of his hand, you needed to be there to really feel that energy.”

New Full-Length Author/Poetry Videos for Elementary Grades

If your in-person author visits are on hold, I’ve begun to offer full-length (30 minutes) pre recorded videos for the elementary grades. Each video features fun performances and talking points just as my live presentations do. Available for classrooms, schools, and libraries in search of an asynchronous author experience, we can also arrange synchronous on-line author visit and Q&A to follow-up. The cost will vary with the duration and scope of use. Generally we will give each individual school a week of exclusive access for $250. Both Videos for $500.
To purchase Allan Wolf’s Big Po Video Show, or No Buddy Like a Book: The Video contact Allan

Allan Wolf’s Big Po Video Show (for grades 3-5)

Perfect for National Poetry Month or year-round, this 30-minute video is meant to get kids jazzed about language. Talking points include the difference between poetry & prose and the ways poetry performs on the page. I play the guitar, sing, juggle, and, of course, act out many of my own poems with a special focus on my collection of space poems, The Day the Universe Exploded My Head.

No Buddy Like a Book: The Video (for grades K-2)

This video features me performing my picture book, No Buddy Like a Book. I include a few words about writing, poetry, and the special relationship between a book and its reader! The book’s illustrator, Brianne Farley, even gives a detailed explanation of how she brought the words to life through pictures. The video includes a climb-into-my-lap style reading of the book from cover to cover, and it ends with a musical montage of Brianne Farley actually creating the actual art for the book.

Poetry Palooza Episodes!

Poetry Palooza! is a series of short, informative, fun videos that celebrate poetry, writing, reading, and living the po-folk’s life. The production values will vary from episode to episode, but that won’t stop, word-guy, Allan Wolf. Stunningly insightful, frightfully informational, and slightly inspirational are all adverb-adjective pairs. Just watch each episode. It’ll make your brain smell good. And maybe you can be a po-folk, too!

More Silly Stuff!