Author Visits: Notes & Needs

Living the Poets Life; Poetry Palooza; Immersed in Verse; or Make Up Your Own

Allan Wolf, author, poet, presenter

A fun, interactive Author/Poetry talk with emphasis on Wolf’s various books. Actual content varies, but will typically feature some memorized poem performance and audience participation.

45 minutes to 60 minutes. Actual length will be adjusted to suit the needs of audience and venue. K-2 audiences may run from 30-45 minutes.

Q & A:
Presentations can include an informal Question & Answer session by request.

Audience Size:
20-300+ depending on the audience needs and venue limitations. School audience cap is generally 300. Theatres with appropriate sightlines and A/V support may accommodate larger audiences.

Workshops/Classroom Follow-Ups:
Informal classroom follow-ups and workshops for smaller groups are available. Content, focus, approach, and size limit will vary. Mr. Wolf prefers to remain set up in a single location and have students brought to him. Mr. Wolf may need use of projector and screen, and something to write on.

Lunch With the Author:
Informal meet & greet lunches (with either students or faculty) can be arranged on a case-by-case basis.

Presentation Space and “stage”:
Generally Mr. Wolf needs a clear area at least 12’ x12’. An actual stage is not essential but can be helpful. A theatre is preferred. Media Centers and Libraries also work well. Some large music rooms, multipurpose rooms and “cafetoriums” can also work. Large echoing gymnasiums are discouraged. Presentation space should be clean and free of distractions and clutter. Eliminate as much background noise as possible (buzzing lights, fans, A/C and heat registers, refrigeration units, dismissal bells, intercom announcements, etc.).

Mr. Wolf prefers elementary-aged audiences to be seated directly on the floor whenever possible, with a narrow aisle down the center. When using chairs or fixed seating, audience members should sit toward the front. If bleachers are used (as in a gymnasium), students should sit toward the center as much as possible and on only one side of the gym, please.

Sound (Plan A, Mr. Wolf provides sound):
Whenever possible Mr. Wolf will provide his own sound system. All he’ll need is one reliable electrical outlet. He will be using a wireless headset microphone, with one hand-held wired microphone to accommodate any introductions.

Sound (Plan B, hosting venue provides sound):
If Mr. Wolf cannot bring his own sound system (i.e. if he flies), the venue should provide a clear and powerful sound system. If possible, Mr. Wolf will provide his own wireless headset microphone (Sure SLX).

Set and A/V Needs:
Mr. Wolf would like use of a digital projector and appropriate screen. (Mr. Wolf will bring his own laptop, with remote, and Mac adapter cable). He would also like use of a table (6 feet is fine). Two chairs (sturdy enough for Mr. Wolf to stand on). And if possible, a portable white board, the larger the better. (Along with markers and eraser.) If a white board is not available, a pad of large chart paper (on a floor easel) will do.

Technical Projector Note:
Mr. Wolf needs (1) access to the projector (within arm’s reach or through wireless remote), and (2) access to the projector’s VGA or HDMI cable. Mr. Wolf will provide the male Mini-Display to female VGA or HDMI adaptor necessary to connect with the the venue’s projector. Mr. Wolf will provide his own wireless remote slide advancer which requires Mr. Wolf be within 50 feet of his computer. No internet access is necessary.

A general wash of lighting is fine. Again, if the presentation space has no special lighting then Mr. Wolf will make do with what is there. Please be sure that there is not so much light around the projection screen that it washes out the projected images.

Arrival and Load In:
Mr. Wolf will typically arrive one hour before the start of the first presentation. Any advice on where to park and expedite load-in is appreciated. Otherwise Mr. Wolf will park in front of the main entrance and go directly to the office to check in. Mr. Wolf can usually complete load-in with three trips to the car.

Set up time:
Usually about 60 minutes. This allows time to set up the sound and to be sure the digital projector is working. Then we can relax.

Strike time:
Approximately 35 minutes, sometimes more depending.

Preparing the kids for Mr. Wolf’s visit:
Audience members need NOT have read Mr. Wolf’s books to enjoy his presentations, but all students should be given some context for the assembly
they will be attending. Remind students and teachers that they can go to Mr. Wolf’s website to read his bio, learn about his books, and watch videos of some of his performance poetry. An Allan Wolf Presentation Guide (for students and teachers) is available. Preparing, pre-planning, and front-loading will increase audience engagement ten-fold.

Book Sales/Signing:
Mr. Wolf is happy to sign books as part of his visit. Multiple books can be purchased (usually at a 40% discount) by contacting Stephanie Straus at (617) 588-4512 or Complete bulk book-ordering information and book age suggestions are available here (LINK).
Mr. Wolf typically likes someone to introduce him. He will have a fun introduction printed out that you may use, either by itself or combined with something you’ve prepared.

Typically Mr. Wolf can locate the venue from an address alone. Advice regarding tricky turns, traffic, or parking is appreciated.

If lodging is provided, Mr. Wolf prefers a non-smoking room. When practical, Mr. Wolf prefers a hotel that offers a hot breakfast.

Printable PDF version of this page: Allan Wolf General Notes and Needs 2020-21