General Requirements and Presenter Fees

Audience and Space Requirements

Grade Level: Elementary, Middle, High, Adult, Families.

Size: Mr. Wolf prefers audiences of 300 or less.

Space: Mr. Wolf is flexible. But Indoor is preferred with access to move through the audience; “Stage” area 8′ x 10′ minimum. Presentation space should provide as much intimacy and quality acoustics as possible given the size of the audience. Please take care to eliminate any background noise (buzzing lights, humming ventilation, intercom announcements, bells, etc.) K-5 grades: Prefer students seated on the floor unless seating is fixed. 6th grade and up: Students may be seated in chairs. Libraries, media centers, theatres, band/choir rooms are preferred due to their intimacy and acoustics. Elementary School café-toriums can work fine for large crowds of Elementary Schools (seated on floor).

Multiple Workshops: If presenting a series of workshops/presentations for smaller groups, Mr. Wolf prefers to stay put in one particular space while the students come to him.

Prop Requirements

One 6’ foot long table. Two armless chairs (sturdy enough to stand on). Dry-erase (white) board or Flip Chart on easel.

Tech Requirements

Electrical outlet near performance area. If traveling by car, Mr. Wolf will provide his own sound. If flying, he may need use of a quality, working sound system. Mr. Wolf prefers a full hour to set-up and a full 45 minutes to strike. Some presentations will require a projector and screen with brightness and size enough to accommodate the needs of audience and venue. Mr. Wolf typically will bring his own Mac laptop with necessary (HDMI and/or VGA) adaptor.


Flexible, but prefer March, April, May, Sept, Oct, and Nov.

Fee Structure

One presentation, $750, total $750

Two presentations (same venue), $600 each, total $1200

Three presentations (same venue), $500 each, total $1500

Four presentations (by special arrangement), $500 each, total $2000

(If your event requires over 200 miles’ travel and/or an overnight stay(s), there will probably be additional travel and lodging costs.)

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