Use Poetry to Turn Worry into Wonder

Turn Worry into Wonder

The new school year is coming up
with goldfish, glue, and glitter!
Your stomach feels all tangled up
with butterflies and jitters.
You worry that your first big day
will be your next big blunder!
Accept the way you feel,
then turn that worry into wonder!
I wonder what the year will bring.
I wonder what good friends I’ll see.
I wonder what fun songs I’ll sing.
I wonder what cool books I’ll read.
When worry and anxiety
tear all your world asunder,
accept the way you feel,
then turn that worry into wonder!

Hello Gentle Po-Folk,
For most of us (students and teachers), the new school year brings equal parts excitement and anxiety. But did you know that you can help transform some of that “worry” into “wonder” by calling on the power of poetry? Today I’m sharing an excerpt from my up-coming collection of poems, The Gift of a Broken Teacup: Poems of Mindfulness, Meditation, and Me (Candlewick Press). Read the poem aloud with your students and then talk about things that worry them and how they might transform that worry into wonder?
Are you worried that your students aren’t getting enough poetry in their diet? You can check out many of my poetry books HERE, or anywhere on-line. And if you’d like to give your young wordsmiths the thrill of meeting a real-life working poet face-to-face, I am now filling out my school visit calendar for the 2023-2024 school year! I’m already visiting Carolina schools in Asheville, Raleigh, Hilton Head, Morehead City, and Southern Pines. Plus, I’ll be traveling to TN, VA, NY, TX, and even MT!
Interested in exploring a poetic author visit this year? Just reach out. Meanwhile, use your magical poetry powers to transform Worry into Wonder!

Be well. Do good. And . . .
Metaphors be with you!

Allan Wolf