Hello PO-FOLKS!  I get a LOT of poems sent my way from both kids and adults. My aim is not to offer you examples of the very BEST poems, but rather to just offer them to you as they were offered to me. When possible I’ll make comments on them, not to evaluate them, but rather just to use them as conversation starters.

Feel free to make copies but remember to always include the author name and acknowledgment information.


The Poem I Forgot to Read

I recently did two presentations at wonderful Adams Elementary School, in Cary, NC, where they have a school garden called Magic Acres. The Adams Elementary website contained a photograph of a feather by the garden’s compost bin, and I was inspired to write this simple four-line “snapshot” to present in my shows. Would you believe it? I forgot to read the poem!!! I was kicking myself. So here is the poem I meant to read to the wonderful gardeners at Adams Elementary. Enjoy.


Songbird Feather By The Compost Bin

I found a feather

by the compost bin,

a black and yellow feather

by the compost bin,

a mystery feather

hidden by weeds,

next to some

half-eaten sunflower seeds.

Allan Wolf


Here is a poem I wrote a couple years ago as part of the March Madness Poetry tournament invented by the wonderful Ed Decaria at Think Kid Think.




The pirate ship is derelict, abandoned on the sea.

The garden is deserted, blossoms withered into weeds.

The tire swing spins slowly as its lonely rope unravels.

The secret trail is thick with leaves. The quest is left untraveled.

The jungle gym is choked with vines.  The tree fort stands alone.

Imagination moved away; the children have all grown.


Allan Wolf



Send me a poem you’ve written and I’ll post it here!



Vacations are great, right? But do you ever find yourself going to the same vacation spots over and over again? This next poem, by Nathan, a fifth grader at Rea View Elementary, in Waxhaw, NC addresses just that question in a rather imaginative way. Read on. ‘

 I sit on the plane and think.
Think what this vacation might bring.
From laughing with family on Christmas Eve,
to roller coasters and when we have to leave.
Vacation is always fun whenever we go.
I just hope next time, we go somewhere new though.
So I sit on the plane and think.
Think what a new vacation might bring.
Getting a passport,
and maybe travel to Europe,
or maybe Canada and try pure maple syrup.
Maybe to Asia
or Africa too.
And go to Australia
to see kangaroos.
To travel all these places,
it’s hard it might seem.
But hey, I’m a kid,
and kids can dream.
Nathan Travers